It’s not too late for a yearly Bible Reading Plan

It’s not too late for a yearly Bible Reading Plan

I know you;ve already missed a day, but you can still catch up. If you want to read through the Bible in a year, it will take you about 10 minutes a day, to read the four chapters necessary to accomplish this important and attainable goal.

I found a great link you can use to download one of many different plans in a PDF format to print and keep in your Bible, or you can download the iCal file which syncs with Google Calendar or iCal for Apple. I’m trying this out this year for the first time. Each day’s reading is then listed on my computer’s calendar, which syncs with my phone.

Here is the link:

You can also read Justin Taylor’s superb blog about reading plans with links to all kinds of helps.

I like Robert M’Cheyne’s classic plan, as it lets you read more in the NT as does the ESV Sutdy Bible plan. But there is one really intriguing plan I found that I’m going try this year, called the Bible Eater plan. It allows you to take four days off per month, in case of skipping a day here and there, which is what gets most people discouraged and quitting. It makes up for this concession by suggesting two OT books and one Gospel per quarter to be read in one sitting i.e. four times a year you will have a month to decide on a time when you can read these books in one sitting. This keeps the pace moving through the year but allows for the inevitable busy days that sees you miss your reading. Usually, if you can manage to sit down and read, you get all your chapters done, so when people skip, they skip big. Like missing four days in February and jumping ship til next year.

Let me know what you use that works.




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