What is the Cripplegate?

What is the Cripplegate?

The Cripplegate blog is a team blog I contribute to every Monday, along with other young, restless, Reformed writers and pastors.

CGate (as we affectionately call it) can be pigeon-holed as Christian, Evangelical, Protestant, Reformed, Baptistic, Premillennial, Dispensational, and fun.

It is named for the part of London where the non-conformist Puritans used to get together for discussing theology in the 1700s. Then in the 1800s, the famous Baptist pastor Charles Haddon Spurgeon revived the tradition and met with his theology students there to discuss and debate matters of divinity. It is in that tradition that we, the new generation of non-conformists, have resurrected the legacy of these brave thinkers.


Do pop in and check us out at www.theCripplegate.com


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