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  • Facts on Tax

    January 25, 1999 was the day I became a hater. As I slowly tore open the envelope with my very first real paycheck I was looking forward to the juiciest check on which I had ever seen my own name inscribed. But as my eyes [...]

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  • A Taxing Truth

    Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born in Brooklyn New York in 1899. He was one of nine children of an Italian barber. By all accounts Al Capone was a naughty kid. He was expelled from his Catholic school at age fourteen for punching a nun in [...]

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  • The Book of Preservations: Spotting God in Esther

    Reverend Robert Evans is a retired pastor who lives in Australia. Many ministers these days claim to have various supernatural gifts. But unlike the usual suspects of contemporary charismania, the Rev Evans actually does posses an ability that is closer to supernatural than any claim [...]

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  • Finally Here: BUMP book

    Just a reminder that the book Things that Go Bump in the Church by yours truly, Mike Abendroth, and Byron Yawn hit the shelves (virtual and wooden) today – April 1st. My first published piece was the short-term missions chapter in John MacArthur’s Rediscovering Evangelism. For obvious [...]

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  • Sinking Noah – by Matt Walsh

    Now that the Nah movie has hit screens, there are more reviews for us to chew on that may prevent choking on the movie itself. This is the best I’ve read since Ken Ham’s prescient warning.   This is Matt Walsh’s take. It’s really good. [...]

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  • Trigger-Happy Tenants: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

    It was dark in the wee morning hours of Feb 4, 1999. Amadou Diallo, an immigrant from Guinea, was standing outside his low-income apartment building on Wheeler Avenue in the South Bronx. The neighborhood was ear-marked for surveillance by a special police unit in an [...]

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  • Spiritual Swashbuckling – from Things that Go Bump in the Church

    With the publication date of Things that Go Bump in the Church only eight days away, the marketing machine is in full swing. I’m not as well-connected as the other authors, Mike Abendroth, and Byron Yawn, but int he tradition of the little drummer boy, [...]

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  • Book Preview: Things That Go Bump in the Church

    I promised more info on the book, so here it is. Things that go Bump in the Church (Harvest House) is being released on April 1st. The work deals with intimidating doctrines that Christians sometimes fear. I was privileged to co-author the work with Mike Abendroth [...]

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"Who having been called to be a preacher would stoop to be a king?" - Puritan Thomas Carlyle