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  • Bleep! Why Christians Shouldn’t Cuss

    In 2005 the American Film Institute voted that the best movie line of all time was the one that Clarke Gable deftly delivered as the character Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. If you endured all four hours of melodrama you’ll certainly recall his parting [...]

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  • Blood, Sweat, and Fear: did Jesus sweat blood?

    Under the churchillian title “Blood, Sweat, and Fear” a sanguine little article by J. E. Holoubek made a big splash in the arid annals of The Journal of Medicine (02/1996). It presents seventy-six patients who claimed to have, at least once, sweated blood. The descriptions of these putative [...]

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  • May I marry for looks? An Open Letter to Single Male Idiots

    Dear (usually young) single male, I have been asked this same question by many of your ilk. To be more honest than I’d be if I were posting this answer on a blog, I confess I have made that same enquiry myself. The conventional wisdom [...]

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  • Labor Daze: 4 truths not covered in job orientation

    In honor of Labor Day here are four truths your PR department probably didn’t cover in your orientation package… 1. Work is a gift God created the man with a purpose: to enjoy fellowship with God and offer worship to God through work.  Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us [...]

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  • Losing your voice: 4 ways pastors lose pulpits

    There are many ways to leave a church honorably. You could die in the pulpit. You might gracefully retire so a younger man can fill your shoes. Perhaps you feel called to another ministry, and your current elders support you in that endeavor. But there are [...]

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  • Communion on the Moon: a total eclipse of the point

    This is information is about forty-five years the wrong side of news; but it’s news to me. On July 20, 1969, moments after the lunar module, The Eagle, alighted upon the Sea of Tranquility, a solitary Presbyterian church elder celebrated the Lord’s Supper in reverent silence—on [...]

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  • John MacArthur still Holding the Rope

    John MacArthur is a champion of missions. Under his leadership, Grace Community Church and The Master’s Seminary has populated the mission field with literally hundreds of missionary families. Much of what I know about Short-Term Missions I learned on the job at Grace Community’s Outreach [...]

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  • Ebola, Zombies, and Medical Missions

    If you haven’t read Al Mohler’s brilliant response to Ann Coulter, you need to. Or, if you prefer a version with zombies in it, read on. Last week an American doctor, Kent Brantly, and a nurse who contracted the Ebola virus on a medical outreach trip [...]

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