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  • 5 signs you are a prideful seminoid – Guest Post

    Today we are hearing from a guest writer, Ben Hein. Ben is a seminoid studying at Reformed Theological Seminary. Check out his blog: It is a universal problem that exists in all academic fields: the more one knows, the more one is likely to boast [...]

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  • Radix malorum est cupiditas

    Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is a collection of entertaining stories narrated by Medieval pilgrims to pass the time on their journey. One storyteller who spins a yarn for his ambulant audience is the Pardoner. He is a priest whose job it s to dole out [...]

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  • Downtown Abyss – The Location of Hell, Pt 2

    We ended yesterday’s post with the question, Where exactly is Hell?   Going Down In a word, Hell is…down. The Bible consistently refers to the location of this realm in terms of a universal “descent motif.” That’s book club argot for “down.” They don’t call [...]

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  • Downtown Abyss – The location of Hell, Pt 1

    This post is an excerpt from a book I’m writing for Sterling Publishers, to be release in Oct  2014. Working title: “A Visitor’s Guide to Hell” I don’t mean to be disparaging of anyone else’s favorite literature, but some tabloid magazines seem to go out of [...]

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  • Keep keeping on – Perseverance of the Saints

    The sun was setting at about 7pm one balmy Summer day during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. The stadium was emptying after a day of track and field events. The 20 mile marathon’s gold medal had been awarded about an hour earlier. Suddenly the [...]

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  • Are you Raising a Pharisee?

    I read this article by Barrett Johnson today, and wanted to share it with other Christian parents. We need to be careful no to teach our kids only how to behave externally the way the Bible says Christians behave. If we don’t teach them that [...]

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  • Irresistible Quotes

    Here are some quotes from Calvin’s biggest fan’s biggest fan (i.e. Jonathan Edwards was a Calvin fan, John Piper is an Edwards fan). John Piper on Irresistible Grace: The doctrine of irresistible grace does not mean that every influence of the Holy Spirit cannot be [...]

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  • Simply Irresistible…Grace

    One of the most graphic and disturbing war movies is Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. Set during the Second World War, an American widow, Mrs Ryan, is informed that three of her four sons have been killed in action, during the Normandy invasion. The army [...]

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"Who having been called to be a preacher would stoop to be a king?" - Puritan Thomas Carlyle