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  • One for All, or All for Naught? LImited Atonement

    The next installment of our little TULIP series on Calvinism. This is the boogieman doctrine of Limited Atonement. What is the debate? The issues is usually phrased this way:  “For whom did Christ die, the whole world, or specifically for those who would believe?” If option [...]

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  • Mohler on Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey is a quality TV show. I doubt anyone on either side of the pond would argue with that evaluation. It’s got just enough historical backdrop and cultural insights to give the intelligencia a highbrow excuse to love it, while simultaneously sporting enough intrigue [...]

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  • New York Times discovers Calvinism

    How timely that in the sovereign providence of God, and in the midst of this mini-series on Calvinism, the New York Times would conveniently run an article (Jan 3, 2014) on the same topic. Café chats are meant to be topical, right? Here are some [...]

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  • Pick me, pick me: Unconditional Election, Pt 2.

    Yesterday we introduced the doctrine of unconditional election (held by so-called Calvinists), and conditional election (held by so-called Arminians). Election refers to how God chooses who will believe in him. Does he respond to what he knows they will choose, or does he cause them [...]

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  • Pick me, pick me: Unconditional Election, Pt 1

    Everyone who believes the Bible does believe in election. Ooh, them be fight’n words. Let me explain… The Greek word for elect means chosen or called out from a group. Used 18 times by 6 NT authors. Yes, even in the NIV. So it cannot be ignored or denied.  The debate [...]

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  • You know you’re a Calvinist if…

    Today is my favorite Calvinist’s birthday. Nope, not John Calvin, Piper, MacArthur, and not Pink, Spurgeon, or anyone else in our church bookstore. I’ll give you a hint: she’s the prettiest Calvinist in the world and married me simply because she was predestined to! Happy [...]

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  • Despicable Me: the doctrine of Total Depravity

    Hamlet is William Shakespeare’s literary tour de force, which deals with some of the deepest philosophical, psychological, and anthropological questions in life. What is man? Are we innately good, or evil? What drives us? What curbs us? What is the reason for us to be or [...]

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  • Meet John Calvin: rolling in his grave

    As I said in my last post, I believe that the term “Calvinism” would make John Calvin turn over in his grave. His life was marked by a passion for the centrality of the glory of God. He was so effective in showing from the Scriptures [...]

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