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  • Spirit Guide: The Lord’s Leading in the Cessationist’s Life

    It’s not uncommon for me to hear of Christians claiming that God led them to this or that by means of a dream or vision or word from the Lord. When I probe what they mean by that, more often than not it’s just their [...]

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  • When a Poodle Beats a Lion

    I have very fond memories of my grandmother, but she had one strange taste: an inordinate love of taxidermy. Her house was infested with a menagerie of stuffed animals. From the menacing buffalo head that greeted me at the door, to the glassy-eyed kudu bull [...]

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  • Head Above Water: a Primer on Pedobaptist Discussions

    Southern Africa’s theological landscape is immersed in the heritage of the Reformers. A tide of persecution in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries washed legions of harassed French Huguenots and Dutch Calvinists up on the shores of the Cape of Good Hope. Their theology was understandably soaked with covenantalism and [...]

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  • The Secret Life of Dead Saints: exploring the intermediate state

    What body do we occupy between the time our lifeless bodies decompose into worm-fodder and when they are resurrected in glory? The short answer is that we don’t know. The Bible doesn’t say. Biblically speaking, it’s a secret. But it’s no secret that the absence of knowledge [...]

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  • Halloween, Christmas, and Spurgeon’s Cigars

    This year, as with every other one, Halloween came and went. And again, the unholy holiday did nothing more and nothing less for the cause of Christ than any other day of the year. Some Christians may have revelled in their liberty to let their kids [...]

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  • Forty Winks? Soul Sleep vs the Bible

    I relish a heavenly nap as much as the next guy, but not at the expense of actually getting to Heaven. There persists in some evangelical circles a pertinacious little misunderstanding known as “soul sleep” or, to the more erudite, “psychopannychism.” It’s the view that [...]

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  • Tattoos & Skin Deep Hermeneutics

    It used to be easy for Christians to formulate an opinion about tattoos. Sailors had them. And some prisoners. Other than corpsmen and convicts the only ink you saw in church was on the page. This is not a pointed tirade against tattoos, nor a defense of [...]

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  • Alien Invasion: being right without being mean

    “I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York.” That oddball 80’s hit single by Sting could have been the soundtrack to my experience as I arrived at JFK airport in 2000. Coming to America as a South African on a [...]

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"Who having been called to be a preacher would stoop to be a king?" - Puritan Thomas Carlyle