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  • Communion on the Moon: a total eclipse of the point

    This is information is about forty-five years the wrong side of news; but it’s news to me. On July 20, 1969, moments after the lunar module, The Eagle, alighted upon the Sea of Tranquility, a solitary Presbyterian church elder celebrated the Lord’s Supper in reverent silence—on [...]

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  • John MacArthur still Holding the Rope

    John MacArthur is a champion of missions. Under his leadership, Grace Community Church and The Master’s Seminary has populated the mission field with literally hundreds of missionary families. Much of what I know about Short-Term Missions I learned on the job at Grace Community’s Outreach [...]

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  • Ebola, Zombies, and Medical Missions

    If you haven’t read Al Mohler’s brilliant response to Ann Coulter, you need to. Or, if you prefer a version with zombies in it, read on. Last week an American doctor, Kent Brantly, and a nurse who contracted the Ebola virus on a medical outreach trip [...]

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  • To Cut a Long Story Short: Preaching Obadiah

    This is a long story, but I’ll keep it short. In 1878 Floyd Hatfield had a pig. Somehow this pig got a tiny bit of its ear bitten off or otherwise severed, or so Hatfield claimed. You see, on the other side of Tug Fork [...]

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  • Which kids don’t leave the Church when they leave home?

    This is a common conundrum parents in the church face: why do some kids grow up to love the church and others to leave it? This is the best article I’ve found on the matter, written by a youth pastor, Jon Nielson. (The full article [...]

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  • Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact

    This is a précis excerpt from Holding the Rope: Short-Term Missions, Long-Term Impact I felt called to Botswana. Actually I felt called to date this girl, and she was going to Botswana, so for me the call was just as clear. I was a freshman in [...]

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  • Announcing the arrival of a new book!

    Holding the Rope, published by William Carey Library Books was released today! Click on the image to check out the Amazon page. You might also be interested in this generous review by Jesse Johnson.

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  • Wet Yet? Do I need to be re-baptized?

    Hello, my name is Clint, and I am a Baptist. [Insert “Hi Clint”]. To our beloved pedobaptist readers, before we plunge into the discussion please understand that I am not making a case for believer’s baptism by immersion—I am assuming it. This article is not [...]

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"Who having been called to be a preacher would stoop to be a king?" - Puritan Thomas Carlyle