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  • What makes a good year?

    As every sommelier worth his saltine crackers knows: good wine comes from tortured grapes. It is a dusty secret Californian vintners accidentally unearthed that the more the grape has to struggle for survival, the higher the quality of wine that can be gleaned. Thus, arid [...]

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  • Your Tombstone This Year

    A sagacious life-coach would urge us all to occasionally zoom out and put our lives in perspective. A written assignment might include, “What would you want the epitaph on your tombstone to say?” A percipient piece of advice for looking ahead. But there is a [...]

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  • Mud is Muddy: How To Annoy Your Unbelieving Family Less

    Christmas is traditionally a time for family. And since no family tree can be completely homogenous Christians will be dining with unbelievers on Christmas Day. And sadly, some Christians I know are dreading that time. You know the type: the believing bubble babies who were birthed into [...]

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  • Saving the Little Drummer Boy

    If you had to ask me at age five what my favorite Bible story was, I’d have easily chosen the account of the Little Drummer Boy. What’s not to love? A young, impoverished vagabond (no parents are mentioned) follows the Magi to a cozy stable, [...]

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  • The Best Gift I Can Give Christian Christmas Haters

    It isn’t wrong to have a fern on my porch or a cactus in my office (chosen for its resilience to neglect, a prerequisite for any plant life under my supervision). But apparently having a fir tree, imitation or genuine, is considered by some to [...]

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  • Why the Home Team?

    People who know me well chuckle when they hear that I’ve written a book “about sports.” I am the least competent participant in any sport they’ve seen me attempt. But The Home Team: God’s Game Plan for the Family is not about sports; it’s about the one-flesh [...]

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  • How to count to three in Hebrew: For how long was Jesus dead?

    Pop quiz: How many days was Jesus in the tomb? a) One and a half b) Two c) Three or d) This is a trick question so I will first read the article and then decide. Your average “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” contestant would pick [...]

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  • Personal Reformation: My Testimony

     By popular request, here’s my testimony of how I was saved… I grew up Catholic. My parents instilled in me solid, biblical behavioral standards and morals. We went to mass regularly, I attended catechism classes and wore an understated St Christopher pendant around my neck (for [...]

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"Who having been called to be a preacher would stoop to be a king?" - Puritan Thomas Carlyle