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  • Sweaty Sanctification: the Tightrope of Salvation

    Sgt Charles Daniels, a NYPD police officer, got an unusual call in the early morning of August 7, 1974. Someone had spotted a man standing on a wire suspended between the two tallest buildings in the world, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. [...]

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  • The Warp-Speed Walk to Holiness

    In airports you find those long moving walkway conveyor belts that look like a flat escalator propelling you forward. Some passengers step onto the belt and remain static, allowing the rubber to deliver them to their destination. Others prefer to keep up a steady gait [...]

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  • No Comment about the No Comments change

    Just kidding. This is a housekeeping post to let you know I have deleted all past comments and disabled all future comments. This is due to the spam becoming unmanageable. Also, as some of you are aware, I am pursuing minimalism in all areas of [...]

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  • SCOTUS and Premillennialism

    What the Supreme Court of the United States did last week was simply play catch-up with the many other countries that were ahead of it in the headlong pursuit of institutionalized ungodliness. South Africa’s constitution, for one sad example, protects not only same-sex marriage but [...]

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  • Fat Secret: The Invisible Sin of Gluttony

    Oliver Twist could hardly be accused of gluttony when he voiced his politely audacious request, “Please sir, I want some more.” But an identical demand from the overstuffed mouth of young Augustus Gloop, the obese candy addict in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, would elicit a call for [...]

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  • The Lore of Running

    In November 2012, 530 runners were poised on the starting line for the Heaton Harriers 10km race through Newcastle, England. As is customary a cyclist familiar with the route—or “rabbit” as it is quaintly known—was employed to ride just ahead of the frontrunners to lead [...]

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  • Your One Thing: Devotional Minimalism

    “Houston, we have a problem.” What Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell didn’t fully appreciate at 9:07pm on April 13th (of course), 1970, while shunting at full speed 205,000 miles from Earth, was that they didn’t have a problem; they had several problems. Each item on the lengthy and unnerving list of problems [...]

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  • Spiritual Carbo-loading

    In honor of the Comrades Marathon, the world’s premier ultra-marathon (that made church impossible yesterday!) I have posted this excerpt from Holding the Rope: Short-Term Missions Long-Term Impact. Spiritual Carbo-loading The short-term missions (STM) trip is such a potent shot of spiritual adrenalin that the testimonies [...]

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"Who having been called to be a preacher would stoop to be a king?" - Puritan Thomas Carlyle